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Sell By Lead | Lead Generation | B2B & B2C Lead Generation Agency | Germany

Lead Generation

Sell By Lead provides not only qualified leads for your mailings, newsletters or call centers, but also with services to maximally utilize the data you have acquired through us. We will be happy to help you understand the wishes of potential customers, their purchasing behavior, consumer profile and strategies to reach the untapped potential.

Highly qualified consumer data enables you to segment the target group accurately. For your direct marketing campaigns, we offer you targeted address acquisition through our special, wide-range and effective lead generation projects. You receive fresh, verified and legally compliant datasets for your telemarketing, or E-Mail marketing campaigns.

Your advantages:

  • Highly qualified leads‎

  • Stable quality

  • High volume of data‎


Full service: From the idea through project management and design, to technical implementation‎

  • Fair pricing‎

  • Raising awareness of your brand

  • Various channels of communication like E-Mail marketing, or display advertising‎.


Nowadays, the fastest and most efficient way to identify users who intend to purchase a product or service is through a direct outbound call. As the main customer acquisition channel, we offer a targeted B2C active database according to different verticals and industries.

Outbound calling

Be the first one to contact potential clients directly with relevant personal information and the intention to acquire a defined product or service. Outbound leads can be sent in real time while being sorted thanks to API, Webservice and smart IP telephony integration.

Inbound calling Lead

Potential buyers call your door in real time asking to be informed and supported in the purchasing process. Call center agents get relevant information to assist the prospect and provide documented advice throughout the transaction.

Click to call

Spontaneous, often impulsive and real time inbound callers asking for help to finalize a particular transaction. Conversion rates in these types of activities can be very high and conversion periods very quick.

Legacy Data

Reach your target audience by segmenting and filtering with more than 20 criteria and through multiple marketing channels. The greater the segmentation, the clearer the target audience gets the best results. We bring the opportunity to showcase campaigns to offer products and services to key potential customers by sending messages by post, email, SMS or telemarketing, thanks to a qualified and labeled user database.

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