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Affiliate Management

We manage all aspects of our clients’ Affiliate Marketing programs, including setup of the affiliate marketing program, partner program development, media optimization, channel alignment and campaign management. We believe in a diversified publisher mix, customization of campaigns, visibility and transparency. 

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Sales tracking forms the core of an affiliate program, serving as the fundamental means to quantify transactions. Our team of advertising agents specialized in affiliates is here to assist you in integrating cutting-edge tracking solutions for you. We configure your affiliate network system accordingly, ensuring a seamless program launch without any hindrances.

Program development 

Continuous development is one of the key points of an affiliate programme. For this reason, we enhance the effectiveness of your current publishers, enlist fresh sales collaborators, maintain vigilant oversight of the program, and safeguard it against fraudulent activities. By means of reports, we take care of keeping figures and performance under control.

We assess the program's framework, refine processes as needed, and oversee a seamless migration to the new network, ensuring an uninterrupted and fluid transition.

Media optimization

Media optimization is a key in the management of affiliate partner programmes. For this reason we plan and navigate all events strategically, ensuring they unfold through secure channels with a constantly monitoring the program in order to be able to react to all the scenarios that may arise.


We maintain open communication with you as our client and, when relevant, with your affiliates, keeping them informed about our actions, which not only enhances the effectiveness of your affiliate marketing but also ensures content publishers who are eager to engage in long-term collaboration.

Campaign management

After the partner program is launched, a multitude of operational and strategic tasks require daily management. Through continuously aligning the program with your advertising objectives, dedicated account manager as a consistent point of contact, regular reports and strategic guidance, frequent monitoring of traffic sources and their origins and extensive acquisition of both active and passive publishers, we handle, sustain, and nurture your affiliate partner program, ensuring a consistently optimal performance over time.

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